Rent a car and explore Grand Cayman, take a bus into George Town, or explore Little Cayman by bicycle. All your transportation needs...

Grand Cayman transportation - bus service, car rentals, scooter and bike rentals

Grand Cayman

Bus Service

In October 1998, Grand Cayman launched its first ever official public bus transportation system. The new bus terminal is located adjacent the Public Library on Edward St. in downtown George Town and serves as the dispatch point for buses to all districts of the island.

The Grand Cayman bus service starts operating every morning at 6am and runs until anywhere from 9pm until midnight depending on the route and the day. Hours are shorter Sunday through Thursday and longer on weekends. Busses run frequently; anywhere from every 15 minutes to every hour on the hour, depending on the route.

The buses are not like big city buses. They are actually more like shuttle busses or large vans than they are like city busses. However, visitors should not be deterred by this small town style of transportation as the busses operate just like standard city busses and the drivers are usually friendlier than big city bus drivers.

Licensed buses have blue number plates and accept both US and Cayman Islands dollars. There are a few bus stops around the island, but buses can be flagged down from the side of the road. For further information about Grand Cayman’s bus service telephone 945-5100.

Taxis / Limo's

Taxis are available at Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman and offer a fixed rate per vehicle or per person to all points on Grand Cayman. This information is available from the taxi dispatcher at the curb - located just outside as you exit the customs/immigration area at the airport.

NOTE: Hotel and condo resorts cannot provide their own courtesy arrival pickup at the airport.

All taxis are government regulated and rates are fixed depending on the distance of your trip. Current rates are posted at the dock and at the airport. You can call ahead for rates or ask your taxi driver before you get in the taxi. All resorts provide contact information for all the taxi operators on the islands.

There are also several private limousine services on Grand Cayman for special events.

Car Rentals

You must drive on the left-hand side of the road throughout the Cayman Islands. The law also requires mandatory wearing of seat belts. Visitors must obtain a temporary drivers license from the police station or car rental agency, easily granted upon presenting a valid drivers license from their home country. The fee is US$7.50 per driver. You must be 21 to rent a car in the Cayman Islands, and some rental agencies' insurance will not cover renters under 25. Check with your rental company in advance to determine. Cayman has one of the Caribbean's most extensive modern fleets of rental cars, (last estimate was about 1600 vehicles). In addition, most rental jeeps and vans are right-hand drive, left-hand stick shift. A variety of models of rental cars are available at competitive rates in Grand Cayman.

Book your accommodating through the Cayman Vacations web site, and receive discounts of up to 20% with Andy's rent a car. See the link for photos, descriptions of each vehicle type offered.

Scooter and Bicycle rentals

Mopeds and scooters are also available. Riders are required by law to wear a helmet at all times and urged to be extremely careful. Remember to drive on the left. The average daily rate is US$25, which includes helmet and drivers permit.

Bicycles can also be rented from several rental agencies on Grand Cayman. Plantation Village condos on Grand Cayman provide bicycles free of charge for guests to use.

Little Cayman

Little Cayman is a small island. The roads are deserted much of the day, so take a day and explore the island by bicycle at your own pace. Most resorts provide bicycles free of charge for their guests to use. McLaughlin car and scooter rentals offers daily car and scooter rentals and Scooten Scooters offers scooter rentals from a half day to a full week.

There is no ferry service to/from Little Cayman, so the only way to get here (unless you have your own boat) is by air. Cayman Airways flies several times per day from Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Cayman Brac

Getting around Cayman Brac is a breeze. You can rent a car and explore the island at your leisure or travel by taxi to discover the sights. Renting a car on Cayman Brac is one of the easiest things you’ll do while here. There are four car rental agencies with a vast variety of vehicles to suit whatever you have in mind for your vacation. All of the agencies offer free pick-up from the airport or your accommodation.

There is no ferry service to/from Cayman Brac, but Cayman Airways flies several times per day from Grand Cayman and Little Cayman, and has one direct flight per day from Miami.

Taxis / Limo's

Taxi services are limited as they are generally offered to passengers upon arrival to the island. Often these are included as ground transfers for booked accommodations. However if you do need a taxi, check with your front desk for advice on the best options for getting around.